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Big Fag Press at gWilson


Big Fag Press a selection- Sun 3rd Sept 3-6pm

Exhibition of selected prints from the Big Fag Press’s archives.

Curated by Diego Bonetto and Rohan Wilson this a rare opportunity to see some of the never seen before prints produced by the press in the past 13 years.

Artists exhibited includes:

Lucas Ihlein, Jason Wing, David Harris, Jo law, Tammy Brennan, Louise Kate Anderson, Bayu Widodo, Jason Maling, Matt Hunt, Diego Bonetto, Mark Gerada, Tega Brain, Black Boots collective and more.


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LEO TANOI. 1-14 Feb 2017

Po-Sini abstractions 2017.
Night-Sydney abstractions 2017.
by Leo Tanoi




Gallery Wilson
135 New Canterbury Road
Wednesday 1-14 February 2017
6pm-9pm opening

DJ Black President, Sydney

Gallery open 3-6pm Daily


Born in New Zealand and currently residing in Sydney, Tanoi is a resident of Sydney Australia for 26 years. Tanoi has worked here in Sydney with the Pacific community in many capacities for over a decade across a few industries. As the Creative Producer Pacific Programs in the past, Tanoi curated and advised Pacific exhibitions

and events at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre  from 2010 to 2015. Tanoi through the visual arts language looks to express some thoughts and ideas regarding his life in general. Tanoi also looks at random aspects of his complex Samoan cultural heritage and identity through his paintings and future art making.  With relatively no experience as a visual artist Tanoi has worked with leading Contemporary Artists of the region as he navigates contemporary art making.

Artist Statement:
‘ Po’ in Samoan language is ‘Night’, The black ‘Uliuli’ .

The ‘Po-Sini abstraction 2017 ‘ exhibition is the first of a two part
exhibition series.The following exhibition of this experimental series
later this year will be  titled ‘Ao’  Day.

Po (Night) and Ao (day) is a homage to the cosmos and to  Tanoi’s
Samoan, Polynesian and Pacific ancestors. Tanoi explores the distances
and relationships of lines, symmetry, shapes , genealogy, time , space
and matter.

Tanoi’s works are a multitude and collective of past ,present and
developing ideas and  thoughts  reflections that are further expressed
and fussed within his new practice. The exhibitions present paintings
and anaudio visual work.
Tanoi’s Po residency exhibition is a mixture of dark colourful
experimentation with the ‘dark night’  one of many themes utilized in
minimal abstraction for this exhibition.

I would like to thank Rohan Wilson and team for his support of this
exhibition, through the residency program.
The opportunity to make work in any space is an honour.
Lalau Leo Tanoi